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Team Manager’s Training and Information Meeting

Team Manager


To ensure all off field football matters are dealt with efficiently and in a timely manner for the team managers grade of competition.

Provide administrative support to the coach and any football staff.

Arrange the required support staff for games to take place.

Support the coaching staff to make sure the required administrative and support arrangements are in place so that coaches and players can concentrate on the game.


Ensure the coach and players are provided with sufficient equipment (within guidelines set down by the  Executive) to ensure the efficient operation of the team

Ensure all players are either currently registered with the League or has an approved clearance from previous Club 

Provide the Secretary with a list, in jumper number order, of all players and keep all players lists updated as every change is made

Check jumpers are in good order at all times and have appropriate sponsors logos attached if required

Ensure other support staff has been appointed and are in attendance as required

Ensure the integrity of best and fairest voting in accordance with Club policy

Game day responsibilities

The following list of duties is intended to be used as a guide to assist Team Managers in completion of their duties each Saturday. Duties may be varied to reflect an individuals time commitment or the role as negotiated with the team Coach.

Team sheets

Complete, sign and give to umpire in accordance with league rules.

Ensure all players named on team sheet including runner and trainers and water boys are registered.

Full names are required, first and surname.

Goal kickers

Ensure tally is kept during match.

Goal kickers are to be recorded on the days running sheet.

Goal kickers to be given to the opposition team manager or secretary at away matches and goal kickers obtained from the opposition at home matches.

Club best & fairest

Vote cards are to be distributed prior to the match and collected after the match.

Best players are to be given to the opposition at away games and details of their best players got from them at home matches (Check league rules)

Players property

Ensure players property is collected prior to each game and safely secured during matches.

Boundary & goal umpires

Boundary and goal umpires are to be arranged as required 

All club umpires are to be correctly attired according to league regulations.


Ensure player’s drinks are on hand at all times (liaise with trainers on the provision of drinks).

Trainer’s equipment

Liaise with trainers to ensure sufficient equipment including towels are on hand.


Prior to home matches, ball is to be given to the umpire for inspection.

Ensure ball is returned after the completion of the match.

Scores reporting

Check your league procedures for this.

Transport of gear

Team managers are responsible for the organisation of transport of gear to away matches.


Determine, with appropriate football staff, best player awards for the team side 

Prepare awards for distribution


Check with umpires within 10 minutes of finish of game that there were no reports (“all Clear”).

If reports collect report and return to Secretary and advise any player involved that he will be required to attend the tribunal.


Reports to the Secretary

Supports the coaches and match committee and other football staff as appropriate


The Team manager is accountable to Secretary and the Coach of that team which he manages

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