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Well the footy season is over for another year unless of course you count the SANFL or AFL then you have another couple of weeks of finals to go to or just follow.

Peckings congratulates Mt Compass on a great year and a well-deserved and hard won Premiership last Saturday. The whole Grand Final day was well run by the Encounter Bay Football Club who also had the extra load with their A Grade team playing on the day.

The Roosters are already in planning mode for 2017 with the wheels in motion at the Club looking at who might play on, who might retire, who might leave. Then looking at recruits with the Player Payment cap and Player Points Scheme looking down on the club. It is will all those permutations that the Club needs to

consider moving forward.

The junior players will all have learnt a fair bit from their respective seasons and they along with coaching staff need to take all these lessons into the next year and move ahead and go one more step.

The young players that are going up a grade need to take into account that plenty have done it before them and they will be bigger better and bolder in 6 months’ time and they will be playing with a bunch of more seasoned players who will look after them in the clinches.

The Strathalbyn Football Club is an organism made up of many parts and there is a lot that happens under the layers of skin it presents to the public and football followers. It is these people that turn up, sometimes year after year, that make a club and make it what it is. Without these people the Club has nothing and would be lucky to hold any football at all.

If you would like to offer your particular skill set to the club please do so. It is always surprising at the kinds of people required to make this organism tick so don’t hold back make yourself known. As they say the more that do the work the less there is to do!

The Building Project moves forward like a behemoth and it is hoped the lower level will be totally completed by the time Christmas rolls in, with the upper story to be completed not long after.

The Club is looking for tenants for the upper story and if you are, indeed, looking for space for and office or somewhere to run your business out of this might just be the place and now might be the time to let somebody know. The site is ripe for the picking and can be built to suit your particular needs as it stands. So get in quick.

Pecking has a couple of finishing touches to attend to for the footy year with the Club presentation nights this week and then the Volunteers and helpers thank you and AFL Grand Final day next to attend.

But in the meantime Peckings might wander down to the Adelaide Oval on Sunday and watch the SANFL Grand Final and catch one last game of footy for 2016. See you there and go the Winners!

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